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The 4th Trimester

The first days and weeks at home with a baby, while filled with wonder and excitement, may also be a time when you find yourself feeling exhausted, uncertain, and overwhelmed. 

The concept of the fourth trimester helps us to understand the transition a newborn must make over their first few weeks earthside and once we understand we find so many ways we can help – but to me the most important facet of the fourth trimester is parental understanding and empathy, once that exists everything else will flow naturally.

4th Trimester Care for mom


  • Light household tidying

  • Meal preperation 

  • Assistance with breastfeeding

  • Bed Sharing & Co-sleeping tips

  • Diapering (cloth / disposable)

  • Sibling care 

  • Pet care (feed/ walk pets)

  • Watch for normal signs of healing

  • Afternoon naps / Solid nights' rest

  • Non-judgemental ear

4th Trimester Care for baby

  • Feeding

  • Tracking schedule

  • Swaddling 

  • Soothing Techniques

  • Infant Massage

Singleton $40 hour

Twins/ Siblings $55 hour

Overnight (10pm-6am) $600


“Birth suddenly disrupts this organization. During the month following birth, baby tries to regain his sense of organization and fit into life outside the womb. Birth and adaptation to postnatal life bring out the temperament of the baby, so for the first time he must do something to have his needs met. He is forced to act, to “behave.” If hungry, cold, or startled, he cries. He must make an effort to get the things he needs from his caregiving environment. If his needs are simple and he can get what he wants easily, he’s labeled an “easy baby”; if he does not adapt readily, he is labeled “difficult.”" – Dr. William Sears.

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