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I'm so glad you're here and have decided to learn more about who I am!  I'm originally from western Massachusetts, which is where I gave birth to my son in 2003.  I was a student at the Polarity Realization Institute where I got certified for Holistic Massage.  I soon started to work for a great little business in Northampton MA where I learned a lot about nutrition, allergies, candida, detoxing,  and how to live an overall  healthy lifestyle. I was inspired to learn more so I soon became certified as a holisitic nutritional consultant. 


My interests expanded when I came to the bay area, I was still deeply passionate about natural techniques for a healthy lifestyle, I found a niche in tantric bodywork. Spending time in Indonesia, intregrating all of the bodies energetic systems and diving deeper into this work led me into intimacy coaching.  As people in my life began to conceive, I wanted to know more about gestation, pregnancy, labor, birth & infants, so here I am! Now a student midwife, certified birth and postpartum doula, to share my knowledge and experience, so that I can assist you on your journey to parenthood. 



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Life is my passion, I love to work with people. I've worked with men, women, and couples of all backgrounds, ages & sexual oriantations. I'm very comfortable working with people in an intimate setting. I believe my grounded comfort translates to a birthing mother allowing her to trust in herself and the journey she is on. It's a gift to coach a birthing mother, grunt with her, massage her, or quietly hold space for her, and show her partner how to assist her with an open heart, and a non-judgemental ear. I feel deeply honored to be invited into such a sacred space with families as they welcome their little ones into the world. 



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